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Bloom with Kimberly Hall massage | studio!

I have been involved in the healing arts for over 30 years including bodywork, emotional work and cleansing programs which I love and feel passionate about.  Each year I refine and expand my knowledge of massage modalities through continuing education classes which strengthen my foundation and give me added techniques and tools to use in my sessions with my clients. The modalities I use most include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranio-sacral, and Polarity.

Most sessions are for relaxation, some for pain relief and some for rejuvenation. I read the body through my hands physically and energetically to help assess what’s going on and I check in with my client to see what challenges may be up for them.  I  stay focused as  I work on key areas to release the knots and tension and  bring the person into a place of balance. 


I have absolute faith in the healing power of the body… that as obstructions are removed, the life force can flow with its own innate intelligence  bringing energetic and nutritional sustenance to each cell, while carrying away the waste. The end result is a happier, healthier being.

Hospice Massage


In addition to my private practice, I also did massage through the Providence Hospice Program from 2014 to 2020 which proved to be an amazing experience.  As I gave my support

and touch, my sensitivity and compassion increased along

with the ability to be in the present moment with each person, helping them to go through their own challenges of coming to a place of acceptance.

My hope is to rejoin Providence once they restart massage as part of their hospice offerings. Until that time I have been volunteering at Celia's Hospice House... a beautiful home with caring staff and volunteers to lovingly assist those in their

last stage of life.

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